Pendant #1212 – Kindness of Strangers

Jan 28, 2023 | Other Stories, Overcoming, Support, Travel

Dear Traveling Pendant Steward:
Allow me to introduce you to my high school classmate and superhero, Dan Brower, whose Light I try to emulate and whose steps I have tried to follow – and to whose pendant you have received.

One of our high school traditions included congregating in our central unit before school started. It was a tradition that I counted on. Like clockwork, Dan greeted me every morning with the warmest hug and heartiest greeting…”Tiinnna” he bellowed and his face seemed to glow with delight. Every. Single. Morning. His warm greetings became my anchor. I felt seen and heard. Unbeknownst to him at the time, his daily hugs were just the connection I needed to feel a sense of belonging that was absent from my own home.
So, at our 46th reunion, I was determined to share with him just how much his hugs meant to me and made my way over to where Dan was standing. And true to form he greeted me with a warm welcome just as he had in high school…Tiiinnnaa and gave me a warmest hug and along with the brightest smile.

“I want to let you know how much your daily hugs meant to me. My parents divorced my senior year and I found my mother after she tried to commit suicide. She had to be hospitalized for three weeks. Your daily hugs were lifesaving to me – they grounded me at a time I needed it most.”

“Tina, I had absolutely no idea. I’m humbled.”

Since the reunion, Dan and I have reconnected. He’s become an advisor for Discovery Tales, a business I’ve started, which in essence is fulfilling my soul’s purpose, and he attended the luncheon we held to honor my brother’s life – the day after Thanksgiving. The very same day that his home was filled with his entire family. Yet, he took time away from them to honor my brother and my family. His character is built on the intentionality of his connections.

So, with this intentionality in mind, it is my hope and prayer that Dan’s courage, hope and strength that he gives to, the next traveler in his life, make the impact that his kindness and spirit has made on mine. Much love and courage to you on your journey! Tina Donovan

Tina Donovan

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