Pendant #1,351 – Pull Strength

Mar 28, 2024 | Cancer Warrior, Faith, Loss, Other Stories, Overcoming, Sisterhood, Support, Travel

I’ve been avoiding writing this story for a couple weeks now. So I think, perhaps, I won’t. I’m not ready to call upon the dark memories and struggles that entails the loss of my 4-year-old son to cancer. When I’m ready to talk about it, I do. One of those times happened to be at a recent women’s yoga retreat. A group of compassionate, loving women (who also happened to be strangers to me) opened up their hearts and minds to hear my story. And I am forever thankful. So this story will be about the sweet new friend who gave me her pendant necklace on that trip.

This is not JUST any new friend… Lesley also happens to be the brilliant owner and founder of this Traveling Pendants Company! I am beyond humbled, honored, and grateful to be wearing the very pendant she had been wearing for years. One of her original hand-stamped pieces! I’ve never been more moved by an act of kindness in my life, especially since I assume that THIS pendant has special emotional value to her. She wore it while she developed her beautiful concept into a business and gathered strength with it through the throes of her own loss and grief struggles.

She reassured me that she’s happy to part with it; that she’d been waiting for the right time and person to give it to. She said, “You’ll know.” I can feel the love, light, kindness, and strength that she’s imbued in it. Like Lesley, I never take it off. I pull strength from it when I need to or fill it with love when I don’t in hopes that I might reciprocate the same act of kindness that she bestowed upon me to the next “right one” some day.


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