Pendant #170 – God Give Me Strength

Oct 11, 2020 | Faith

Jesus Calling Pendant - 170
“A few years back we lost our daughter in a terrible car accident… it was the hardest thing we ever had to face. Somewhere along the line I felt like I got stuck and trying to move forward was so difficult for me. Since that time my husband became ill and this past year we lost our Granddaughter who was only 19. You start to question God as to “why” but I know he makes no mistakes.

When I saw this pendant it reminded me that each day we face difficult and life changing situations, and God alone and the love of family and friends give us the strength for this journey we are all on. May God gives us strength and may we all love and encourage each other on our journey of life. Thank you for this beautiful pendant that reminds me daily we never walk alone.”


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