Pendant #1,752 – Life as One

Jun 26, 2023 | Faith, Loss, Other Stories, Overcoming, Support

Suddenly he was gone, and life changed. No more my love, my husband, the grandfather/Papou, the father/dad. He led a long and happy life but now, free from earthly cares, resides in heaven with his beloved Lord and Savior.
And I? Like widows throughout the world, I now face life as one, not two. I am thankful we celebrated fifty-two years of marriage with good health, satisfying careers, three sons now grown, and grandchildren to bless us. At this point in my life, I feel strange, alone, sad, and lonely. I am, however, blessed to have my home, my independence, and my relatively good health. How long these situations remain true depends. It all depends. I have lived to see my children’s children – a blessing! Every day I challenge myself to choose joy in whatever time remains in my life.
I received my Traveling Pendant from my oldest son who plays a tiny part in the pendant production phase. I was happy to receive mine, but I know who needs it more than I.
Today I will visit to give her this Traveling Pendant. This young woman is my neighbor, two houses down from mine. We smile and wave hello, but I do not know her well. During one chance conversation on the front lawn, she revealed she is lonely. I will let her tell her own story. She is a daughter, sister, wife, and mother to two beautiful baby girls. One of them has a cruel disease that is responding well to treatment. My young neighbor is selfless, courageous, and brave. She gives her ALL
to help her tiny daughter. Please pray for me and wish me well as I visit my neighbor today. Thank you.

Barbara Mourouzis

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