Pendant #195 – For all the Moms

Apr 10, 2021 | Mental Health, Motherhood

This is for all the moms who live with an adult child who has had a mental break. My son was 22 when he his brain went right instead of left. That’s how a doctor explained this confusing change in his personality and life style. He decided to throw away his masters degree in favor of homelessness. He struggles everyday now to make it in what people call normal behavior. My heart breaks for him, or maybe he doesn’t know, and for his sister and brothers. All I am sure of is God does not create anyone who is not loved beyond measure and worth it. My son, in Gods eyes is perfect. I don’t understand the why all I know is it is my job to love him like Christ loves me. I wear the pendant to remember to lift my son to Gods care everytime I touch it.


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