Pendant #201 – Friendship

Jan 9, 2020 | Support

Yesterday I received my pendant from some of the lovely friends we made in the UK. We are a family of 5 and we’re originally from the Netherlands. We lived in the UK for 1 year. The children had the opportunity to go to such an amazing school! But moving away from home, learning a new language and setteling in can be hard sometimes… Luckily the pupils and parents (especially the ones from reception year 2017-2018) were even more amazing than the school! They made us feel so welcome and really did make the school’s motto “One school, one family” come true. We feel so fortunate and thankful for the opportunity to meet you all. I will wear this pendant as a reminder of the strength your friendship has given our family on our 2017 journey. Some day I will pass it on to someone who needs the strength of friendship on his/her journey.


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