Pendant #275 – Hope

Jan 17, 2021 | Cancer Warrior

On June 26th, we learned that David has a rare form of cancer. Ewing’s Sarcoma. Ewings sarcoma only affects around 200 people in the US each year, approximately 20 of them are adults. David had a bloody nose which lead him to MedExpress who then told him to go to an ENT. It was then that we were told that it is a tumor and needed to have emergency surgery. Thankfully, we were being treated at UPMC, and they were able to identify Ewings right away (which is not common). We now face approximately a year and a half of chemo/radiation/surgery. We received this heartwarming pendant from a friend of mine, Breanne. We appreciate the hope that it has brought us already and pray for the day when receive clear scans and we can pass it along to another person in need.
-The Cobbs

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