Pendant #902 – 11.11

Dec 10, 2020 | Loss, Mental Health

My story….. When it came up on my husband’s 11th year of passing I started to see 11:11 on the clock. No matter if it was in the morning or at night it seemed I noticed it. It started happening more and more and frequently. Not long after I remembered that he often mentioned seeing these numbers as well. I kept telling myself this has to be a sign of some sort. This is what I came to me….. My husband was born on 9/02 and passed on 12/08. If you add these numbers together (9+2 and 1+2+8) they both total 11. That’s my 11:11. As crazy as it seems I truly felt in my heart it was his way of saying sorry that he took his own life and that it was a sign to move on and continue healing. Year 11 was a year of tremendous healing and growth as I found the courage to share my story with others. By doing so recently, I connected with Leslie. I knew right then it was meant to me. I then bought two traveling pendants. One with the numbers 902 and one with the numbers 1208. My 11:11. On 12/08 of this year I shared the other pendant with someone I recently became friends with who reminded me of a younger version of myself. She too is a widow and single mother of boys. I chose to keep 902 as this was also the anniversary date of our wedding and years later the date we found out we were having a boy. Very special dates in my life. Right before I gave the pendant to her I found out her son’s birthday was on 12/08. It was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason and I am so thankful. My STRENGTH FOR THE JOURNEY pendant is now my reminder of just how strong I am and I hope the recipient of the other pendant knows she is too. 

Christa S.

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