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Read the stories shared by people around the world who wear and share Traveling Pendants.

Pendant #923 – Moving On

I received this pendant from my wife on 2/12/23 and she wished me well in my future, for my birthday on 2/13, as we are pending a divorce. It has been a journey. Extraordinary times and...

Pendant #440 – Keep Her Close to My Heart

I bought my pendant with the memory of my special friend Sinead who passed away suddenly this November 2022. I have only worn it for a week to keep her close to my heart ❤️ but I intend to pass...

Pendant #571 – Move Past the Past

I’m a veteran with severe, complex PTSD due to several sexual assaults I endured while serving in the Army. I am ready to heal, and move past the past. Suzanne

Pendant #723 – New Life After Near Death

My story dwells deep inside Traveling Pendent # 723. It’s a story of tragedy, pain, wisdom, triumph, and redemption. I write this after almost 2 years of recovery from a routine surgery that...

Pendant #812 – Wear to Share

I didn’t receive my pendant from anyone. I purchased it because I wanted to have the opportunity to pass it on to another. So I am ready. I love the concept of this pendant! J. Porter

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