Pendant #925 – Pay Hope Forward

Feb 14, 2024 | Faith, New Beginnings, Other Stories, Overcoming, Sisterhood, Support

When my heart was hurting God brought me to an amazing organization called Women in Christian Leadership. It was there that I saw Christ’s love being poured out as these ladies care for and encourage and elevate one another. This organization became a place of healing after being hurt by a church. This organization is where I saw the true Church being lived out daily. This is where others cared about the body of Christ and desire for each person to grow and be all they can be in Christ. On February 10, 2024 I was with the founder, Jeanne Porter, and I commented on how much I liked her necklace. She didn’t hesitate, she immediately took her necklace off, and put it around my neck. It brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart that she gave me a pendant that was specifically created for the organization that she founded. Jeanne lives the love of Christ and she is what makes Women in Christian Leadership what it is today. She loves and cares for others with a genuineness that is felt. I just bought a pendant necklace to give to Jeanne so she can do for someone else what she did for me. She touched my heart in a very deep way. A gift from such a special lady is a very special treasure indeed.

Cheri Robison

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