Pendant #521 – First House

Apr 27, 2023 | Faith, New Beginnings, Other Stories, Overcoming, Sisterhood, Support

It’s happening! The blessings are coming! I’m grateful, sad, happy but proud overall. Im hoping and praying this house will work out for the greater good which I think it will but it has been a journey. My final walk through the house was not complete. I was suppose to close today and I’m on my way to the final walk through so I just pray it’s actually done. Im sad I have to do it alone but I think it’s who I am and need to do it alone at the same time. It builds my character and just makes me stronger for other obstacles in life. Mmm my eyes keep getting watery but whatever it’s go time. Mom and Anita will be here Monday so it will be good to have family around even my mind might think it’s too much to handle company but it will be great times and great first memories in the house. Anyways it will all work out and be good. I did what I said I was going to do and that’s the main thing. So here are. Cheers to my first house. Can’t wait til the family can come see it later in the year.

Lydia Rose Jordan

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