Pendant #521 – When There is a Will, There is a Way

Mar 28, 2023 | New Beginnings, Other Stories, Overcoming, Support

Oh when the saints go MARCHING in! It’s march people & it has been a journey since January! With all the changes going on I am going with the flow and helping for the best. It has been a hard change but I am going through and just hoping for the best. You don’t realize the difference the presents of people make in your life. I’m thankful for having the crowd I have in my life right now. And the vibes and energy I am receiving from the aspects. Remember to always protect your peace no matter what the situation is. That’s my word of the day. No but seriously while I’m typing this Cierra, Wayne and I are in the back yard in Austin at the bungalow listening to music by the fire pit. It’s been a good/interesting weekend but I’m glad it happened. I’m in my transition of moving to Austin from Oakland, starting with new people and buying a house. I think the biggest thing that gets me right now it not having somewhere stable to live but the time is coming! I have my walk thru on the 17th and final walk thru on the 24th. So I will be writing shortly. Just trust your instincts and all will follow. Remember if there is a will there is a way and we will make that way! Amen. Lydia .


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